Road Trip!!! Friday – Sunday, July 13-15, 2018 to Mine Herkimer Diamonds!

Road Trip!!!
Friday – Sunday, July 13-15, 2018 
to Mine Herkimer Diamonds!

    (For adults and children ages 4 and up)
                                 Come for part or all of the weekend!

Come with us to the Herkimer area of NY, home of the incomparable, radiant, indescribably beautiful Herkimer Diamonds!

Herkimer Diamonds were discovered here after their formation 500 million years ago. They are highly sought after for their stunning visual beauty and for their metaphysical properties. They are believed to energetically assist in balancing the chakras, attuning the intuitive senses, reversing the polarity of injuries or illnesses, and intensifying creativity and dreamwork. Some also believe that they can energetically “attune” people to their loved ones or allow one to experience a new beginning in this lifetime. Whatever you believe, you will have a great time mining for your own Herkimer Diamonds!

We went mining several times in the last few years and loved it!!! Mining activities are varied and are appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness. You may swing sledge hammers and picks, sift through crushed stone, or leisurely wash soil away under running water to find these brilliant gems. All mining activities are above ground, not underground as it might seem.

We will be mining at “Ace of Diamonds” mine, considered the best among the local mines. There are several reasonably priced hotels nearby. Some folks have reserved rooms at Inn Towne Motel for this trip. Red Roof Inn seems to be a favorite of miners and explorers. It received high ratings on Trip Advisor although I CANNOT personally offer an opinion as I haven’t stayed there. Ace of Diamonds mine has some VERY rustic campsites available. Nights can be chilly there at this time of year. RV’s are also welcome there. Contact the mine to reserve a site. There are also other campgrounds including a KOA nearby with FAR greater amenities. We will be camping right at the mine so you are invited to stop by for a hot cup of coffee or chocolate or a cold drink. Our little A-Frame pop up even has a microwave and stove which you are welcome to use. There are restaurants nearby or you may bring your own food. The mine has easily accessible bathrooms. We usually end our day sharing mining stories and exciting discoveries around the fire pit. If enough people are interested, we can plan a pot-luck cook-out at the fire pit. Let me know!

Look for our A-Frame camper on the lower level, in the back left corner. Please be aware that we will have our dog, Sky with us.

Mining fees are $10 for adults per day, children 4 – 7 are $5. These fees will be reduced if we have more than 20 people in our group. So let me know in advance how many people in your group and which days you’ll be mining! Mining hours are 9 AM – 5 PM. You may rent mining equipment or bring your own. Most items are $1 per day to rent. Safety glasses are required. Bring your own or buy them there.

Based on my experience, I would suggest safety glasses, work/garden gloves, sunscreen, sturdy shoes or boots if you plan on climbing the rock piles, a hat, long and short sleeved shirts, sweatshirt, and jeans or comfortable pants. I brought a bucket with a small sledge hammer, chisels, picks, and small hand broom and some simple garden tools. Then I rented a few other tools. Consider a portable stool or cushion for seating and a little bag or tin to hold your diamonds. The best specimens I found were discovered simply by casually brushing loose dirt around, without much effort or tools. You will decide how much effort or exercise you are up for. And…in the unlikely event that you do not find any Herkimer Diamonds, the gift shop will help you to purchase some to take home. And…lucky you…I will be happy to share my “secret” mining techniques!

Chris and I will be there Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. You may want to come for one overnight or two. Most people are leaving from CT Friday late afternoon or early evening for the approximately 3 hour ride. Some are leaving CT on Saturday or coming just on Sunday without staying overnight. Please let me know if you are interested in a ride share or hotel roommate and I will help you to connect. Some hotels are pet-friendly and although pets are allowed at the campsites, I’m not sure about day visitors to the mine. Please contact them to ask and also confirm with your hotel if you will be bringing pets.


PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for making your own hotel (or camping) and transportation arrangements. Be sure to communicate with anyone you are sharing a ride or room with.

If you are carpooling, you are welcome to meet here at 29 Davis Road in Burlington, CT and leave your extra cars in our driveway.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this fun adventure! Of course you may invite your family and friends. Kindly inform me if you will be going and how many people will be in your group. An accurate head count will be helpful…thanks!


or phone: (860) 675-9706.

Ace of Diamonds Mine
NYS Route 28
Middleville, NY 13406
Phone (315) 891-3855